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Best Online Writing Service Personal Statement

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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How to Get Into Medicine at University in the UK

Tuesday, September 25, 2012
We all know that it is very tough to get a place at university in the UK to study medicine. Why? Because competition is very very high. Now that isn't something that stopped me and it should not stop you. I am now going to study medicine at Peninsula in fact! Took a few attempts but I got there.
Anyway stories aside. Here is 6 top tips! (Not in any order)

1. Pick universities wisely. You can pick one university you want to go to but don't be silly and pick all 4 choices solely on where you want to go. I suggest 3 strategical choices and 1 as to where you really want to go.

2. Nail the UKCAT. People say it's useless but I can't stress how much medical schools use it! Some purely pick you based on what your UKCAT score was! Ahem Manchester and few others. Some use cut off scores.

3. Get plenty of work experience. You must have medical work experience and some non medical work experience. Speak to your GP, you local hospital and if you struggle any family friends or relatives who are medical professionals.

4. If you take a gap year while reapplying to study medicine because you failed first time, DO NOT give up. The best thing you can do is become a Health care assistant!!! Great work experience and gives you plenty to talk about in an interview.

5. If you fail to get the necessary grades then you can either do a different degree or resit your exams in a gap year. I had this very dilemma and I think you should definitely resit your exams instead of just picking any other degree and trying to get into medicine after graduating. Not only will it help you go to a better university to do the other course but it will help when you come to apply afterwards!

6. Most importantly. NEVER GIVE UP! I failed my A level, got rejected from all 4 universities twice and then finally when I had my AAAB and 670 UKCAT in my hand I got 2 interviews and 2 offers! 3rd time lucky for me. I just wasn't meant to get in before. I know people who got these grades first time round but gave up and went to university to study another course who I feel like would have definitely got in IF they tried again.